English info of GOL


The Gruppo Ornitologico Lombardo, G.O.L. it is an Onlus (non Gainful Organization of Social Utility) been born in 1986 and affiliate to the Regional Register of the Voluntary of the Region Lombardy Italy. Priority purposes of the association are the study and the maintenance of the Nature and the Birds, the management and exploitation of areas of naturalistic interest. The birds, to which the association devotes particular attention, are to be considered some ecological indicators of great relief. The GOL has reserved great space to the didactics and the environmental education for a long time and it promotes the naturalistic culture among the citizens through lessons, conferences, lectures and driven visits. The organizational structure of the association is divided in sectors, whose management is submitted to coordinators of reference, that develop the various activities with the contribution of the volunteers.

Didactics and Environmental Education Sector

It promotes the environmental education through didactic programs, lessons, courses and driven visits, collaborating with schools of every order and degree, Institutes University and Public Administrations. It organizes courses of bird-watching, lectures and video projections. It realizes didactic runs and paths nature both in areas of naturalistic interest and in parks and urban gardens. It handles the installation of mangers and cassettes nest to favour the reproduction of species that nest in hollow.

Projects and Research Sector

It develops activity of ornithological research, promoting studies on the biology and on the distribution of the birds, it organizes censuses and activity of monitoring, it collaborates to the realization of ornithological atlases, important tools for the correct management of the green areas and for the planning of the territory. It realizes naturalistic oasis through projects and interventions of environmental improvement. It conducts activity of ringing of the birds to scientific purpose, contributing to the study of the migratory flows and the dynamics of population; it favours the development of correct strategies of maintenance.

Hiking Sector

It organizes excursions along itineraries of naturalistic interest, using itself guides: ornithologists, naturalists, botanicals, in collaboration with ranger and local guides. It promotes initiatives devoted to the study and the knowledge of specific environments: alpine areas, damp zones, woods, islands and sea coasts, offering to all the impassioned occasions of close examination of the fauna aspects and environmental characteristic of the visited areas.

Photographic Sector

Gathers all the impassioned of photo, that contribute to the naturalistic popularization through the realization of audiovisual used to didactic purpose in the schools. It proposes photographic shows itinerant and it organizes courses of naturalistic photo in the respect of the animals and the environment.

Picus, the magazine

The GOL realizes publications of scientific and popular character, from 1987, it collaborates to the publication of the ornithological magazine Picus. The magazine entertains jobs concerning searches and communications in the field of the ornithology, besides the programs of the association (meetings, excursions and activity on the field).